Breathe new life into a trust by decanting it

Building flexibility into your estate plan using various strategies is generally advised. The reason is that life circumstances change over time, specifically evolving tax laws and family situations. One technique that provides flexibility is to provide your trustee with the ability to decant a trust. Define “decanting” One definition of decanting is to pour wine […]

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The tax rules for donating artwork to charity

If you’re an art collector, you may wonder about the tax breaks available for donating a work of art to charity. Several different tax rules may come into play in connection with such contributions. Basic rules Your deduction for a charitable contribution of art is subject to be reduced if the charity’s use of it […]

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IRS guidance coming regarding the IRA’s Clean Vehicle Credit

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) extended and expanded the Section 30D Clean Vehicle (CV) Credit, previously known as the Electric Vehicle (EV) Credit. The credit now covers “clean vehicles,” which include plug-in hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell cars and EVs. On April 17, 2023, the IRS will publish proposed regulations to clarify how a CV can qualify for the credit. […]

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Tax news for investors and users of cryptocurrency

If you’re a crypto investor or user, you may have noticed something new on your tax return this year. And you may soon notice a new form reporting requirements for digital assets. Check the box Beginning with tax year 2022, taxpayers must check a box on their tax returns indicating whether they received digital assets […]

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