Getting max value out of your CRM software

The days of the Rolodex are long gone. To connect with customers and prospects, many businesses now rely on customer relationship management (CRM) software. These solutions give users easy access to comprehensive information — including detailed notes on existing connections with targeted individuals and companies — that can enhance marketing efforts and boost sales. CRM […]

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Are you ready for the return of trade shows and other events?

It’s happening. With vaccination rates rising and the more severe effects of the pandemic trending downward, several industries have announced in-person trade shows for later this year. Meanwhile, over the summer, businesses will likely see marketing opportunities in other events such as “sidewalk days” and local festivals. Are you and your team ready to get […]

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Biden’s Proposed American Jobs Plan

President Biden released a fact sheet on his “infrastructure plan” on March 31, 2021. Warning! This is just a proposal by President Biden. As such it is short on details. This is not law and some or all of it will not become law. The following is for information purposes only and should not be […]

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The Biden Tax Compliance Proposal

In a May 20, 2021 press release the Department of Treasury outlined President Biden’s proposal for increased tax compliance. This agenda is designed to target underreporting and increase revenues from this underreporting.  Check out our summary of the key provisions of this outline and how it may affect you.   Warning! This is just a proposal […]

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