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Starting (or simply owning) a business could be the riskiest thing you ever do, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right tax and financial guidance, your business could be perfectly poised for growth, while also taking precautions to help mitigate any potential risks. That’s where Rob comes in. With more than 35 years of experience in helping guide and grow other entrepreneurs and their livelihoods, Rob Cordasco is the ideal expert you would want in your business’ corner. Regardless of your business’ location, size, or specialty — you could use Rob and the Cordasco & Co. team’s financial concierge services.

By utilizing Cordasco & Co. as your business’ financial concierge, you have a seasoned tax and financial professional dedicated to understanding your business’ unique financial wellness (including its specific goals, financial performance, tax efficiency, accounting infrastructure, and more) so that the appropriate framework can be built to help you grow. Cordasco & Co. will develop key performance indicators (known as “KPIs”) to help measure and manage your business’ success. Your concierge will use a leveraged resource model to bring outside experts and vendors (ranging from bookkeeping services or estate attorneys to investment bankers and everything in between) in to help manage and grow your business through every entrepreneurial life cycle. All entrepreneurs will have regular meetings with their financial concierge to discuss findings, evolve models, and layout a clear path forward. Cordasco & Co. continuously provides its clients with strong financial management that aligns with their business strategy and goals.

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History of Cordasco & Company P.C. 

Rob founded Cordasco & Company P.C. as a true boutique CPA firm in 2007 to help entrepreneurs grow and scale through each phase of their business’ life cycle. The firm has been able to help provide customized services for each of its personally-vetted clients to fit their needs while also maximizing their value. As an entrepreneur himself, Rob fully understands the needs of business owners and how to navigate their unique financial needs. And because they only take clients who align with their specialty and philosophy, each client is guaranteed a high-end personal experience with some of the best trained people in the world.

Rob and his team at Cordasco & Company make stabilizing and growing your business their top priority. Through Rob’s intimate knowledge of modern tax law, he and his team specialize in advising clients on how to minimize their tax liability by creating tax models to illustrate each client’s specific situation and provide a basis for all planning. The team has both depth and breadth of experience spanning, but not limited to, tax planning, tax compliance, entity planning and design, international tax services, captive insurance arrangements, tax credit development services, estate tax planning, and more.

In addition to tax law and practical application advisory, Cordasco & Company also offers business advisory services. The firm works with clients and their businesses to develop goals and track KPIs to measure the success and gauge when a business will hit certain projections through financial modeling and strategy development. Cordasco & Company prides itself on utilizing leading top-tier technologies and analytics to provide and track the best plans for each specific business. 

With a wide portfolio full of success stories, Rob and his team at Cordasco & Company have a strong track record of providing each client with a solid financial management plan based on meeting your personalized goals, while also coaching you through the process to achieve them. To learn more about Cordasco & Company visit

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