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Mature: Elevate your growth potential!

It sounds like your business is already implementing some sound strategies that are starting to help you see gains. By this point, you have a company that is operating at full speed. This is your chance, financially speaking, to turn it into a well-oiled machine. During the maturity phase, growth may continue to occur, but the breakneck days of exponential expansion are typically in the past. This slowing down creates a time to fine-tune systems and processes that may have been stretched during the growth years. You may already have some plans in place to help alleviate any potential tax or financial problems your business may face, there is always room for improvement when it comes to the financial wellbeing of your organization.

To avoid stagnation — there are plenty of ways I and my team at Cordasco and Co. can help your business grow, while also decreasing tax and financial burdens, leaving you with more net profit! I am a seasoned Certified Public Accountant with more than 35 years of experience in public accounting. Nearly half of that time has been spent procuring and growing my own team of talented tax and business financial experts at my firm, Cordasco & Company, with the primary focus of helping entrepreneurs grow, scale, and maintain their businesses.

Checklist during the Maturity Stage:

  • Check if tax structure changes could benefit the company
  • Develop forward-looking programs based on your KPIs
  • Look for further refinements that could improve processes and profitability
  • Consider strategies to protect personal wealth
  • Set up trusts and an estate plan
  • Develop an actionable succession plan
  • Plan out a timeline for a personal exit from the company
  • Consider possible options for a company exit

I, and my team, work diligently to ensure that our clients receive individualized and high-quality service — no matter the size of your business! Utilize our expertise to help your business overcome tax and financial challenges, firm up your business’ financial foundation, and set the organization up to meet and exceed its goals.

Call us today at 912-353-7800 to book an initial consultation or video chat and let’s see how we can help your business. You can also email us at [email protected] or auto schedule an appointment, here.

Interested in learning more about business growth phases and navigating tax and financial challenges? Order your copy of my book A Framework For Growth: Smart Financial and Tax Planning Strategies Throughout the Entrepreneurial Life Cycle today!

Exit is imminent
Every entrepreneur leaving a business needs to develop and execute their own “exit strategy” to tie up loose ends, evaluate your financial future, and make crucial plans that can help mitigate any potential losses. Since you’re contemplating exiting your business in the next 5 years, now is a great time to book a consultation with my firm and start preparing for your next step. 

Here’s a checklist, to get you started:

  • Establish an autonomous entity for innovation within the company
  • Develop a method to monitor ongoing market trends and competitive risk
  • Carry out market research to spot opportunities for acquisition targets or acquirors
  • Consider what “life after the exit” will look like for the entrepreneur
  • Review trusts and estate plans
  • Develop a succession plan